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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend Pants

As I sat here thinking about what beauty product to write about this lazy Saturday morning, my mind starting wandering to my plans for the rest of the day or lack thereof, and that led to thoughts of what I'm going to wear when I eventually change out of my pajamas. The usual answer on a weekend day when I don't have any real plans other than grocery shopping, cleaning, dog walking, yoga, etc. are my favorite weekend pants (or maybe lack thereof): Lululemon's wunder under crops. 

I know what your first reaction might be (that was also mine): $72 for yoga pants? Let me assure you, these are no ordinary yoga pants. I actually got them as a gift, and I'm so glad I did, because I was contemplating buying them before that but I'm not sure if I would've actually made the plunge. They're super stretchy and comfortable, and are basically like a thick tight, but thick enough that you can confidently wear them with nothing over them. I've paired mine with a hot pink running zip-up (right now) for a more sporty look, or a cotton v-neck ruched tee for a more casual, everyday look.

What I really love about these pants is that you don't have to constantly pull them up. Once you get them on and have everything where it should be, these pants are staying there until you take them off, which will be many hours or even days later (I admit, I've worn them all day and then been too lazy to change into something else for bed, but really, why not?). There's also NO camel toe, and they make your butt look pretty fantastic. There's also a little pocket in the wide waistband where I sometimes hide doggie poop bags when I'm walking the dogs. The wide waistband also means that you don't have to worry about your thong sticking out the back (unless that's the look you're going for...I don't judge) or your stomach overflowing over the top.

I think it's safe to say that I am highly unlikely to ever buy any other yoga pants. I'm also a fan of their groove pants, but I definitely prefer the wunder unders. Another plus is that for tall ladies like me, their tall size inseam is a generous 35.5," which is perfect for me, and they also offer complimentary hemming at Lululemon stores.

Bottom line: yes, their high-end yoga wear is quite expensive, but everything I've bought (I also have a stretchy tank top) has been well worth it, and their pants also hold up well in the washing machine.

Also, how cool-looking is this bra? WANT.

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