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Saturday, March 23, 2013


For a long time I had never really thought about going to Lush for anything other than bath bombs, hand scrub demonstrations, and to be bombarded by pushy salespeople. Then, back in September when I was in New Jersey for my wedding, one of my good friends (and also a bridesmaid, Meg) was staying with me and I tried her Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo and Veganese conditioner from Lush. My hair was super, super soft, maybe softer than it had ever been from just a shampoo & condition, and I was sold. Shortly after I got back to California from my honeymoon I went to Lush and bought the shampoo, a different conditioner called American Cream that was recommended by the salesperson, a shower gel/oil called The Olive Branch, and samples of Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, Angels on Bare Skin face cleanser, and Celestial face moisturizer. 

Let's start with the hair products. While phenomenal at first, both Meg and I agreed that after a month or two of use, they start to loose their steam. The shampoo starts to get drying, and the conditioners don't seem half as moisturizing as they did during the first week of use. I was talked into buying a big bottle of the shampoo for the value (boy are those salespeople convincing) and since I now have a little less than half left, I am determined to use it up. I alternate it with L'occitane's scalp soothing shampoo, and my hair is decent looking. Luckily I bought a small bottle of conditioner, but since conditioners can take FOREVER to use up, I don't think it will run out for at least a year. It smells really yummy, but it does nada for frizz and smoothing.

I like The Olive Branch. You shake it up before using and it comes out like a thin oil, but actually lathers. The smell is nice and different and leaves skin lightly scented. I like it. I might consider buying it again in the future or trying one of their other shower gel scents. I LOVE their Grass shower gel for men and have been trying to get my hubby to use it for a few years now, but he's pretty attached to his Dove for Men bars.

The Angels on Bare Skin "cleanser" is more of a scrub in my opinion since it has a gritty paste-like consistency. I've used the sample a handful of times and it's nice. It leaves my skin very soft. I'm not sure whether I'd consider buying the full-size of this or not. I think it might be a little abrasive for everyday use, although at Lush they claim that's what it's for. I'm more likely to consider purchasing it to replace my current scrub when it runs out. Let's put this one on the long "maybe" repurchase list. 

The Celestial face cream is Lush's sensitive skin moisturizer. I was definitely underwhelmed by it. It's very light and my skin tends to be dry, so it wouldn't be good for everyday use. I also detected some mild irritation. I used it twice and threw out the sample. Oh, same with the Eau Roma toner water that I almost forgot to mention. That stuff was definitely drying. 

And this brings me to the grand finale....Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. My FAVORITE Lush product by far. I used up the sample, and went back to Lush to buy a giant tub that I see myself taking years to use up, but oh well. It's pretty amazing. I like to slather it on my arms and legs after shaving, and pretty much everywhere else, right before I'm getting out of the shower, so it gets only very slightly washed off. This way the delightful rose smell lingers, and my skin feels SO soft and moisturized  and best of all, my legs usually don't feel irritated after shaving when I use this product. I'm feeling less picky about my shower gel now because I have this. 

The only downside: it's pricey. $32.95 for a 7.9oz tub which is the only size it comes in. I would definitely purchase a smaller size if they sold it since you only need to use a minimal amount with each shower. Is anyone else sensing a trend here where Argan Oil is pretty much amazing? :) 

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