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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lip Balm Nostalgia

I can clearly remember many of the different lip balms I've used over the years, since my preteens. I believe cherry Chapstick was the first beauty product I ever owned, followed shortly by Clearasil. I remember writing a letter to my longtime penpal and friend since preschool, Jen, when we were about 12, asking "What type of facial cleanser do you use?" and she wrote back "I use soap to wash my face." She must've thought I was a weird kid (which I undoubtedly was) to ask that question. It was around that time my infatuation with beauty products started.

Anyway, back to lip balms. There's something about them. Each one that I've used evokes a vivid memory. I remember having really chapped lips when I was young from the cold New Jersey winters, and they would burn so badly that I would just apply layer upon layer of Chapstick thinking that the more I used the more effective it would be, but it just left me with clown lips and a bad taste when I proceeded to eat or drink something.

I don't remember how exactly, but someone must've introduced me to Burt's Bees. It's the first beauty brand I can remember having a real obsession with. I dragged my mom to boutiques to find their products (this was long before they were stocked in pharmacies) and used my dialup internet connection to explore every section of their website. The two products I remember the most vividly are the orange face wash and peppermint lip balm, which at that time only came in a tin. I used that peppermint lip balm for years, through high school and maybe even some of college. It was decent, but it often left a white chalky residue and felt kind of waxy.  The orange cleanser smells delicious, like an orange grove. In fact, I think I may pick a tube up the next time I see it. The ingredient list is short and natural, and mainly because now I can't stop thinking about that heavenly smell!

12 years and countless lip balms later, I finally have a new favorite that I think might make it to a Repurchase when it runs out: L'Occitaine Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick. I bought it completely on a whim when I was purchasing some other L'Occitaine products, and it was by far the standout. It's super moisturizing, natural, nongreasy, leaves no residue, and is taste and odorless. I apply it every morning when I put on my moisturizer, and I usually only have to reapply once during the day. I'm also a fan of Sugar's line of lip treatments, especially the tinted ones, but as far as a basic, reliable, moisturizing lip balm--I think I may have finally found the one. 

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