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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hand Cream Addict

The word "addict" is not used extraneously in this post title -- I actually have withdrawal symptoms when I don't apply hand cream immediately after washing my hands or even just after getting them wet. My hands immediately feel dry and tight. It becomes distracting. Sometimes I try to tell myself, well, since you're going to be doing something within the next hour that will likely get your hands dirty, might as well just wait to apply lotion, but it NEVER works. I apply. And reapply. Probably an average of 10 times a day. And unless I work up the courage to try and wean myself off this addictive product sometime in the future, I should probably carve out some funds for hand cream indefinitely.

I guess I lied about Argan Oil being my one repurchase. When I wrote that post I was thinking about facial products, but I've actually repurchased these two hand creams several times: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream and L'Occitane Lavender Hand Cream. The Neutrogena is an old favorite, dating back as far as high school, and even my hubby loves it for his dry knuckles. It's a rich, concentrated, unscented cream, and just a pea sized amount does the job. I finish up my morning beauty routine with this stuff. If I skip it, I'm wondering why my hands feel so dry 10 minutes later as I'm gripping the steering wheel. It's a no-frills, drugstore-available cream. I used to get really dry skin patches on the palms of my hands, and this cleared that up completely. No brainer.

A few years ago I was given a small tube of the L'Occitane cream by a friend. I would call it more of a lotion than a cream. It has a light, slik-like feel that's surprisingly moisturizing. My favorite part about it is actually the scent. I love lavender, and this smells strong. I feel fresher when I put it on because of the scent. A coworker once told me the smell of lavender made me think of me, and I'm OK with lavender being my signature scent. Lavender, fresh jasmine, and Fresh's Sake perfume are probably my three favorite pretty scents. I'm also a fan of gritty scents, like gasoline and airports, but that's probably enough of my weirdness unveiling for this post. :) 

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